Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

At Paulding County Hospital, we’re committed to providing a full circle of care, from diagnosis to follow-up. Once a health issue has been detected and treated, we can help patients feel like themselves again through a variety of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. Our expert team is here to help you regain strength, comfort and confidence.

Our highly-trained staff, on-site fitness center and full suite of technology are here to help you make a full recovery. For more information on any of our rehabilitation programs, call 419-399-4080.

Swing Bed: Inpatient Transitional Program

Sometimes we just need a little help getting home from the hospital. Our transitional care program, also known as “swing bed” is designed just for that.

When a patient has surgery, whether at PCH or another hospital, they may be ready for discharge but not quite ready for home. When they need some extra help, but loved ones are unable to provide the level of support needed, our swing bed program is here.

Healthcare professionals are available 24 hours a day to provide swing bed patients with the therapy, care and assistance they need to get back on their feet and back home—all without undue burden or added expense for patients and their families.

For more information please call 419-399-1717.

Cardiac & Pulmonary

Medication and treatment for lung and cardiac conditions are only part of the equation. Care plans nearly always include a rehabilitation component to help patients regain strength and resume their daily activities.

For more information please call 419-399-1133.


In many cases, orthopaedic treatment plans combine injections, braces and other non-surgical assistance with a rehab program. For those who do need surgery, a specialized rehabilitation program can help speed recovery time and improve mobility.

For more information call 419-399-1725.

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