Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Recovering from an injury or hospitalization can be a long, trying process. What were once automatic activities of daily living now require great concentration. The good news is that through effective therapy, many people regain their independence and function.

Delay the Disease
For those living with Parkinson’s disease, PCH’s physical therapy program is proud to offer an effective exercise program. Delay the Disease is proven to help Parkinson’s patients manage their symptoms and maintain a quality of life. To learn more about program dates and times, or to sign up, call 419-399-1725 or 419-399-1162.

Reduced Payment Options for Patients Who Qualify

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy takes many forms and addresses a wide range of conditions including recovering from surgery, stroke or injury or adapting to conditions like MS, ALS or cerebral palsy.

Our physical therapy department helps a wide variety of individuals who need therapy for varying reasons.

  • Athletes: Our team provides a multidisciplinary approach with the injured athlete, the physician, and the coach to get the athlete back in the game. Each patient’s therapy is individually tailored to the sport and injury, as well as the athlete.
  • Employees: We work with the employee and the employer to evaluate, treat and ensure the employee is ready to return to perform his or her job duties.
  • Back injuries are especially painful and seem to interfere with almost every aspect of life. Our staff works closely with the back patient, helping them learn how to function normally with minimal pain.
  • A great advantage for joint replacement patients who have their surgery at Paulding County Hospital is they enjoy a relationship with the same physical therapist during their entire rehab process, from start to finish. This greatly enhances the continuity of care and ensures the patient will be back on their feet and doing their normal activities sooner.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy helps people through the therapeutic use of daily activities, which can include tasks like getting dressed, playing, eating and more. It is designed to help people regain skills they may have lost due to an accident, injury, or physical or cognitive change.

Speech Therapy
Paulding County Hospital offers inpatient speech therapy services. Our certified speech pathologists provide evaluation and treatment for patients of all ages, helping with speech, swallowing and voice issues.

Services through Therapy:

Delay the Disease- call 419-399-1725 or 419-399-1162
Lymphedema Clinic- 419-399-1725
Certified Personal Training- 419-399-1162
For additional questions please contact the therapy department 419-399-1725.

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