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Happy National EMS Week!

Happy National EMS Week!

Thank you to all of the volunteer men & women who serve our communities! Your continued willing spirit plays a vital role, and is greatly appreciated.


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Thank You, Nurses!

Thank You, Nurses!

May 6-12-2019

A big Thank You! goes out to all of the 46 RNs and 15 LPNs at Paulding County Hospital for their continued commitment and dedication to the community!

Paulding County Hospital hosts volunteer brunch

Paulding County Hospital hosts volunteer brunch

Paulding County Hospital held its annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch on April 18, 2019. There were 43 volunteers in attendance for the event, which took place at the Paulding County Historical Society. Volunteers in attendance were from the Bargain Bin, Paulding County Hospital Auxiliary, and Paulding County Hospital Volunteer Greeters. During the appreciation celebration 60 students from the Wayne Trace High School Choir, came and provided the volunteers with a beautiful performance.

Thank you to all of the Volunteers for all do!

Wayne Trace High School Choir Performance at the Paulding County Hospital Volunteer Brunch.

Brandi Halter wins PCH’s 2018 Workplace Excellence Award

Brandi Halter wins PCH’s 2018 Workplace Excellence Award

Paulding County Hospital has decided to recognize an individual who truly exemplifies the PCH values of commitment to the community, acceptance of responsibility, respect for people and excellence in performance.

Brandi Halter is an Emergency Department Assistant and has been working at Paulding County Hospital since March of 2018.  In that short time she received two separate nominations.  Brandi has shown that her values align with Paulding County Hospital’s.

Emergency Department Assistant Brandi Halter won Paulding County Hospital’s 2018 Workplace Excellence Award.

Commitment to the Community – Brandi came in extra to sit with a patient one-on-one while the emergency department was busy. This shows her commitment to service the patients of this community.

Acceptance of responsibility – When the Emergency Department was short staffed, Brandi stepped up and picked up most of the hours that needed to be covered and did so without complaint.  She knew the hours needed to be covered and made sure it happened.

Respect for People – Brandi is friendly to everyone she comes in contact with.  She always has something nice to say and is truly a positive presence not only in her department but within the entire facility.

Excellence in Performance – When a patient calls in after their visit, just to compliment Brandi and praise their interactions they had with her, you know she really made a difference in their experience at PCH.

Congratulations Brandi and Thank You for all you have done at PCH!