Paulding County Hospital (PCH) has been operating under visitor restrictions for several weeks. These restrictions have been increased at this time to further protect our patients, staff, and community.

PCH Medical/Surgical Unit and Emergency Department will now be allowing zero visitors into the facility. However, there are special circumstances that will be considered.

These include the following: patients under the age of 18, hospice patients, individuals who may have difficulty communicating with medical staff, and individuals with special needs provided by a caregiver.

Screening procedures currently taking place at Paulding County Hospital and its clinic locations will continue to occur upon entering any one of the facilities.

Help us continue to help you, please share the symptoms you are experiencing by calling prior to your arrival or upon entering any of our facilities. As per the CDC recommendations, we are asking anyone entering one of our facilities to please wear a mask. Additionally, we are encouraging all patients entering the facility for a scheduled appointment or testing to come alone. If an individual accompanies a patient to assist, we are encouraging them not to wait inside the facility until the appointment/testing is complete.

Paulding County Hospital will keep you informed of any additional changes made to our hospital or any of our clinic locations.

We greatly appreciate your adherence to these changes as they are put in place for the safety of the community, our patients, and staff.

We remain here for you…close to home!