Paulding County Hospital has opened its Respiratory Clinic to the public.

The clinic is staffed Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Individuals can call the clinic at 419-399-1163 to schedule an appointment. The clinic will evaluate and treat individuals with any respiratory illnesses that may be related to COVID-19. PCH Respiratory Clinic has the capability to test for respiratory illnesses and is also equipped with a portable x-ray machine if imaging is required.

Paulding County Hospital Respiratory Clinic is conveniently located on the grounds of the main hospital campus, in the building adjacent to the Emergency Department. Many individuals who become infected with COVID-19 are able to recover at home, while 25% of individuals may need additional treatment, after initially being seen by a provider. Paulding County Hospital is here to assist the community in both areas.

If you have any questions regarding PCH Respiratory Clinic please call 419-399-1163